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About Us

Scolds Bridle have been entertaining audiences throughout the UK and abroad since they were barely out of their teens.

They epitomise the art of Folk entertainment and continue to enthral audiences with their unique style and humour.

Liz Walmisley

Liz was born and brought up on the Fylde Coast in North West of England. She began playing guitar and singing in the late sixties and frequented the many Folk Clubs and Festivals that were flourishing then. Her interest and influences in music began with the many troubadours and bands of the time, Dylan, Steeleye Span, etc. and it wasn’t long before she too was performing locally. 

As a musician Liz is a versatile player and has a natural ability for picking up harmonies instinctively. 

Her association with Sue Bousfield began at the end of a folk night on a wintry pub car park in 1974, when she overheard Sue singing a song. She joined in the harmony and Scolds Bridle was born !

Sue Bousfield

Sue hails from Lancashire in the North West of England and early on, after studying at teachers training college in Oxford, became a teacher. For a number of years she lived in Fleetwood but moved on to various parts of Lancashire finally settling  just off the Fylde coast at Thornton Cleveleys. 

Sue’s voice is remarkably strong and clear and well suited for the singing of ballads and choruses. On stage she  immediately commands a presence and can make an indifferent audience join in or take them into paroxyms of laughter within the first five minutes of opening. Once that happens, her natural perfectionism takes over and she settles into giving her heart and soul to her performance. Sue became interested in the early days in the art of clog dancing which she took up and became an expert at, eventually becoming a Lancashire and Cheshire Clog Stepping Champion. 

As with everything she does, Sue is a perfectionist and a wonderful entertainer.

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